New Single “Spider Lily”

I released new single “Spider Lily”.

The flower which gives off heterogeneous, strong charm called Spider Lily (cluster amaryllis, Lycoris radiata).
And it has two-facedness.
I expressed sympathy and the love to this flower which strongly survived in severe environment.

TuneCoreJapan Kizakura Yoshino “Spider Lily”

◆lyrics translation◆
Spider Lily(Heavenly Flower)

Heavenly Flower to go towards the sky to tell a summer end, and to dye the ground, and to bloom.

It blooms at the time when the spirit of a dead person that the equinoctial week and this life intersect drifts.

四華 曼陀羅華 摩訶曼陀羅華
曼珠沙華 摩訶曼珠沙華
(※I’m sorry, I cannot translate this part into English.)
Red and a white infinite numerical petal dance a dance.

Spider Lily Rouge sawed by a blue sky wavers.
Cluster Amaryllis The petal shines like a goddess.
Spider Lily They catch my heart and do not separate it.
Cluster Amaryllis Mystery flowers set a net of the fascination.

The end of the festival of the frenzy.
Mysterious flowers that will not bear fruit
and they burn short life.

They invite you to death at the same time to save the life of people.

Hell flower, the flower of the dead, poisonous flower
The flower does not watch a leaf, and the leaf does not watch a flower.
Numerous contradicting names echo.

Spider Lily They save alkaloids to a scaly bulb.
Cluster Amaryllis They ‘re like a woman upset like confuse the people .
Spider Lily They catch my heart and do not separate it.
Cluster Amaryllis devilish flowers set a net of the fascination.

Spider Lily It is sometimes detested and is left alone.
Cluster Amaryllis It is totally like my life, and the affection increases.
Spider Lily Please lead me to the gates of hell.
Cluster Amaryllis You are the isolated flower which strongly lives while it is oppressed.

※The word “Manjushage” 曼珠沙華 is taken from a line in the Buddhist Lotus sutra, refering to a red flower in Sanskrit prononciation.

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